After huge success in the USA, a great chapter of American radio history captivates the rest of the jazz world. For thirty years running, the legendary radio host Hazen Schumacher dedicated a weekly program to the jazz era of 1917 through 1947 making Jazz Revisited one of the ten most successful American radio shows of all times. A total of more than 1500 shows were broadcast weekly from more than 200 U.S. radio stations to millions of listeners. The series has been made available to Bix Eiben Hamburg —- and with great effort and devotion — has been preserved for all time.

With its varied program, Jazz Revisited reflects the entire diversity of three decades in American jazz culture. Hazen Schumacher tack- Ies a different subject in each half-hour broadcast. For example a performer, an orchestra, a composer, a certain song title or a cer- tain year is highlighted‘ with the help of carefully selected music and profoundly researched background information. From the big orchestras to smaller combos, through trumpet or piano solos, whether female”"or male singers, whether little-known or truly famous, everythingis covered in the Jazz Revisited broadcast. Thus, the multifaceted variety of an entire era with all its myriad of styles is extensively presented piece by piece. The combination of a total of 9.000 song titles, mostly from original 78rpm disk records, and detailed background information makes Jazz Revisited much more than just an entertainment program.

Bix Eiben Hamburg offers selected radio stations for the first opportunity to receive Jazz Revisited for presentation to their listening audience. This offer stems from our desire to enthuse as many people as possible around the world for the origins of jazz music. For several decades, we have been dedicated to preserving early jazz culture with no commercial interest involved.

All of the Jazz Revisited broadcasts have been digitally re-mastered and extensively documented and catalogued in two books. The books as well as additional information materials are available for purchase from us upon request. Subsequently the broadcasts can be purchased by radio stations from us for a nominal fee, which serves only to cover our costs. Through cooperation, retail sale to private individuals is in principle also pos- sible. Our motivation is the preservation of a unique cultural treasure, which should be made accessible to jazz fans throughout the entire world.

The enormous response to the first Jazz Revisited broadcasts, which we posted on our website, has reinforced our resolve.