Here is a calvacade of New Orleans bands that made jazz history. They came in all sizes and varieties, with as many approaches to the music as there were leaders. All of those listed and pictures are not purely jazz bands. Some are, of course, but orhers, not similarly oriented, nevertheless sometimes played the real jazz.

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A word of explanation is necessary about our use of terms to describe these musical groups:

First, when we use the term 'jazz band' we are talking about a group of musicians playing in 2/4 or 4/4 time, improvising collectively on any theme. Usually these bands emphasized counterpoint rather than conventional harmony.

By a `dixieland band` we mean a group of from five to eight musicians, consisting of a frontline cornet or trumpet, clarinet an trombone, plus a rhythm section. The group will have memorized certain parts of each tune in their fixed repertoire. (This is why it is calles a 'head arrangement'). It includes some collective improvisation, but usually is more occupied with ´hot´ solos. Sometimes there is a saxophone in a dixieland band.

When we say 'dance orchestra', we are meaning it in the New Orleans jazz- sense. Thus, what we mean is any group of musicians employed to play for dancing which is capable of reading written scores. However they are all supplied with a number of tunes, which they play without music in the dixieland tradition.

A 'novelety orchestra' is one that depends largely on showmanship, odd or homemade instruments, slapstick and other items of 'skiffle' origin. Frequently, however, such groups are of excellent jazz quality.

'String bands', of course, are just what the name specifies. 'Brass bands' are a big enough classification to be covered elswhere in this volume as a seperate group.

Our first knowledge of an organized jazz band using conventional instruments dates back to 1889 played for dance events and social activities. However, the authors disclaim, here and now, any implication that this was, in truth, the first jazz band. In fact, we are convinced that the development of jazz was so gradual as to make specious any such claim as related to an individual or group.

(Sources: Al Rose and Edmond Souchon)

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Accordiana Band, Tom Albert Jazz Band, American Stars Jazz Band, Dutch Andrus Dance Orchestra, Arcadian Serenaders, Bums Banjo String Band, Banner Jazz Band, Paul Barbarin Jazz Band, Basin Street Six, Johnny Bayersdorffer Dixieland Band, Bienville Roof Orchestra, Black and Tan Orchestra, Black Devils Jazz Band, Happy Schilling´s Orchestra, Stalebread Lacoume´s Band, The Original Tuxedo Orchestra, The Louisiana Shakers, The Eagle Band, Revised Original Dixieland Band, Superior Orchestra, Louis Armstrong´s Hot Five, Dumaine-Houston Jazz Band, The Dixola Novelty Orchestra, The Irving Fazola Orchestra, The Jazzola Six, Pop Hamilton´s Band, Jelly Roll Morton´s Red Hot Peppers, Emergency Relief Administration Orchestra, Five Southern Jazzers, Tony Fougerat Dixieland Band, Four Hot Hounds Jazz Bands, Buddy Gehl and his eight Winds, Golden Leaf Band, Golden Rule Orchestra, Halfway House Orchestra, Pop Hamilton Band, Willie Hightower Band, Hill City Band, Hollywood Orchestra, Johnny Hyman Bayou Stompers, Imperial Orchestra, Invicibles String Band, Jazzola Six, The peerless Orchestra, The Sam Morgan Jazz Band, Jones-Collin Astoria hot eight, Alfred Laine Orchestra, Last Straws, Foster Lewis Jazz Band, George Lewis Ragtime Jazz Band, Liberty Bell Orchestra, Lincoln Band, Kid Lindsey´s Jazz Band, Louisiana Five, Louisiana Shakers, Magnolia Orchestra, Magnolia Sweets, Maple Leaf Orchestra, Fate Marable Dance Orchestra, The Jimmy Palao Band, The Original Tuxedo Orchestra, Sidney Devigne´s S.S. Capitol Orchestra, The Woodland Band, Frank Christian´s New Orleans Jazz Band, Alfred Laine´s Orchestra, New Orleans Owls, Original New Orleans Jazz Band, Norman Brownlee Orchestra, Tony Parenti´s Dance Orchestra, The Melon Pickers, The Elton Theodore Band, Red Bolman Orchestramelody Masters, Johnny Miller Frohlickers, Punch Miller Jazz Band, Moonlight Serenaders, Morgan´s Euphonic Band, Nylor´s Seven Aces, New Orleans Creole Jazz Band, The New Orleans Harmony Kings, Oriental Orchestra, Original Creole Orchestra, A. J. Piron Orchestra, Primrose Orchestra, Razzy Dazzy Spasm Band, Reliance Band, Ridgley´s Tuxedo Orchestra, John Robichaux Dance Orchestra, The New Orleans Rhythm Kings, The Olympia Band, Johnny Stein´s Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Frank and McCurdy´s peerless Orchestra, Stalebread´s Spasm Band, Nat Towel´s Creole Harmony Kings, Buddy Petit´s Jazz Band, Johnny Dodd´s New Orleans Jazz Band, King Oliver´s Creole Jazz Band, Four New Orleans Jazz Babies, The invincible Band, Armand Piron´s Society Orchestra, Five Southern Jazzers, A New Orleans Jazz Band of the 30´s, Sam Ross Orchestra, Security Orchestra, Silver Leaf Orchestra, Six and Leaf Orchestra, Ellis Stratakos Orchestra, Superior Orchestra, The Susquehanna Band, Theodore Elton Orchestra, Trio-Doublet String Band, Triangle Band, Dejan´s Black Diamond Orchestra, Tulane Orchestra, Tuxedo Orchestra, Alex „King“ Watzke Dixieland Band, Johnny Wiggs and his New Orleans Music, Young Eagles Band, Young Morgan Band, Young Olympians Jazz Band, Young Superior Band, Young Tuxedo Orchestra, Bunk Johnson´s Band, Manuel Perez´ Jazz Band, The Dominos, Preservation Hall All Stars, Clarence Desdunes Joyland Revelers, Jimmie Noone´s Orchestra, The last Straws, Frank Christian´s Ragtime Band