Objectives of the International Association of Jazz Record Collectors:

To maintain an Association of collectors of jazz recordings of all eras and styles, whether the collectible medium be 78s, vinyl, CDs, tapes, video or films, and to encourage and promote both collecting and research in the related fields of artist, label and discography/filmography.

To advance the cause of jazz music by creating more recognition of the great jazz musicians, by creating an atmosphere favorable to increased public acceptance of jazz as a great American art form, and by attracting more young musicians, listeners and patrons of the art into the field of jazz music.

To improve communications between and among collectors, dealers, musicians and the public for the mutual benefit of all concerned through the medium of publicity in local, national and international publications and by means of directories and other listings.

To issue and/or sponsor the promotions of publications which may involve material of a discographical, historical or biographical nature, including the quarterly Journal of the Association.

To issue and/or promote the issuance of recordings of great jazz music including new material and historic jazz known to exists on records, tapes, films and other forms of sound preservation.

To promote meetings and the formation of local groups of members for the purpose of exchanging ideas and implementing the objectives of the Association.

(Source: http://www.iajrc.org/index.php/about-the-iajrc/objectives)