Mr. Hazen Schumacher from the "University of Michigan", Ann Arbor, Michigan in the United States left us about 1550 tapes of his legendary radioshow « Jazz Revisited », weekly broadcasted a long time ago.

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This radio show was on air for 30 years on a large number of American radio stations until 1997 and was one of the 10 most popular radio shows. These radio shows have been recorded on analog tape and now have been converted to digital format.

Jazz Revisited and its host Hazen Schumacher addressed more than 9.300 records and songs of the first three decades of the good old jazz. Among these recordings Hazen Schumacher talks -and at times, bidden jazz experts talk- about the songs, performers and other notable information concerning "jazz".

"{...}The Music is jazz. Pure jazz..."

What others say about Jazz Revisited

The following are excerpts from newspaper articles, which you can find in the book “Jazz Revisited - A legendary Michigan Radio Show″ by Bix Eiben Hamburg and Hazen Schumacher.

"In the case of Jazz Revisited, Schumacher presents the history of jazz not in abstract musicological terms, but shows it in direct contact with the material records. One can touch them and hear their typical sound, thus opening a sound experience – maybe just because of the needle scratching – and an impact which is only accessible to those who face authentic things." Roger Sutton (News and Information Services) "The age of speakeasies and bathtub gin"

"{...}the program is generally regarded as the most popular show offered by the system."

"{...}The National Public Radio people call the show „an intelligent but not too dry look at jazz of the period...
the host does a fine job of hitting each example in ist proper perspective.“"

"{...}The voice you’ll hear in between is the nostalgic recordings is the casual yet knowledgeable sound of Hazen J. Schumacher" (Alumni) "He has Jazz"

"{...}The Music is jazz. Pure jazz..."

"{...}„I don’t consider myself an expert“, Schumacher says. But his comments during the thirty minute show seem indicate otherwise."

"{...}Most of the Jazz Revisited shows offer a theme of sorts, perhaps a study of an artist’s career – Ella Fitzgerald or Red Nichols – or of boogie woogie piano, or trumpets of the 1920’s. Schumacher may present „parallels“, a demonstration of what various musicians have done with the same song, for example, a comparison of NIGHT AND DAY by Artie Shaw and Timmy Dorsey. Usually Schumacher plays six records in the half hour and adheres to only one polics: never talk more than two minutes between songs."

"{...}Most of the discographers information comes from various jazz books Schumacher read since he became a jazz buff as a teenager. While he rejects the title of expert, he doesn’t mind bringing jazz specialists on the program. With Father Norman O’Conner („The Jazz Priest“) and Eugene Kramer, Schumacher approaches various aspects that require the input of jazz authorities. But Schumacher aims at communicating his immense jazz knowledge to the non-expert who may be listening. „I aim at the average listener“, says Schumacher. „I try not to make it too obscure.“"

"{...} a wave of nostalgia"

"{...} a collector’s piece for any jazz buff"

"{...} Pure jazz... revisited..." - (Radio KUNI 1975) "Jazz Revisited"

"{...} The program is strictly limited to the perios through 1947."

"{...} the period before the LP was a spesific era in jazz history."

"{...} Each of the 1550 programs is a unique illustrated lecture on an artist or aspect of classic jazz."

"{...} Hazen almost never plays a record twice, in a quarter century he has broadcasted more than eight thousand different discs, a major share of the period’s recordings (1992)."

"{...} Jazz Revisited has reached millions, giving Hazen a good claim to be America’s premier jazz educator." - by Art Hilgart (IAJRC Journal) "Jazz Revisited Goes Silver"

Meeting Hazen Schumacher is like discovering the flipside of a much-played recording.

Schumacher is a laid-back announcer with what one listener called a „casual, come-sit-by-me-and-listen“ voice. In person, his rapid-fire quips make him seem like a 78rpm disc spinning energetically among more staid 33 1/3 longplay albums.

Schumacher says, he launched Jazz Revisited when jazz buffs were considered to be less than musically literate. „You weren’t allowed to like jazz in those days“, he recalls. „You weren’t cultured if you did.“ by Tom Rogers News Special Writer (Ann Arbor) "History Of All That Jazz - Hazen Schumacher Hits The Right Note At WUOM"

„We cover a period music of 1917 through 1947 that most other stations haven’t touched“, says Schumacher. „We were one of the first continuing shows on jazz hisdtory.“ Emphasis on „continuing.“

„WUOM’s jazz collection includes the most pre-1950 jazz records held by any radio station in the country.“
->20.000 78rpm platters.

„The shows are not scripted, but we research thoroughly the personnel, dates and circumstances of the six or so songs in each program, relating them to other music of the period and comparing different artists’ renditions. We try to teach people about jazz, not just play jazz records.“

„There is plenty of good written analysis of the music played on Jazz Revisited. I quote the experts rather than try to be one.“ - (Ann Arbor News) "Jazz Buff Revisited"