Someday a book will be published which will devote itself entirely to a review of jazz landmarks. It will have to be a thick volume indeed to do justice to a subject of historical importance and architectural fascination. The city seemed to spawn its characteristic sound on every corner, in every house. This section of the present work will not pretend to fill the need for a detailed study of places identified with New Orleans jazz. But we hope it will point the way by outlining, in a broad sense, the relationship between the music and some of our town’s real estate.


Abadie’s, Alamo Dance Hall, Alamo Theater, Alhambra Gym Club, Alley Cabaret, Altmeyer’s, Anderson’s Annex, Ann’s Pleasure Club, Arlington Annex, Artesan Hall, Astoria Hotel and Ballroom, Beverly Gardens Restaurant, Bienville Roof, “Big 25”, Blum’s Café, Borenstein’s Art Gallery, The Brown Derby, Brown’s Ice Cream Parlor, Bucktown, The Budweiser, Bulls Club, The Bungalow, The Cadillac, Casino Cabaret, The Cave, Cheapskate Hall, Cherry Pickers Hall, Chez Paree, Club Forrest, Cobweb Club, Betsy Cole’s Lawn, The Coliseum, Come Clean Hall, Congo Sqaure, Co-Operator’s Hall, Crescent Dance Hall, Crescent Theater, Crystal Club, Danger Bar, Desoto Hotel, Dixie Park, Dixieland Hall, The Dream Room, Dream World Theater, Druids Hall, Eagle Eye Hall, Eagle Saloon, Early’s Frank, East End Park, Eastman Park, Economy Hall, Elite, The Elks Club, The Entertainers, Eureka Hall, Exchange Alley, Fabacher’s Rathskellar, Fair Grounds, Fairplay Hall, The Famous Door, Fern Dance Hall, Butzie Fernandez’, Fewclothes Cabaret, Fireman’s Hall, Five Hundred, Francs Amis Hall, The Frenchman’s, The Frolic, Funky Butt Hall, Gipsy Tea Room, Globe Hall, Golden Pumpkin, Greenwald Theater, Groshell’s Dance Hall, Grunewald Hotel, Halfway House, Happy Landing, Harmony Inn, Haymarket Café, Heineman Park, Butchy Hill’s, Holy Ghost Hall, Hopes Hall, The Humming Bird Lounge, Irish Hall, Italien Hall, Jefferson City Buzzards Hall, Jung Hotel Roof, Knights Of Pythias Hall, Kolb’s Restaurant, Pete Lala’s, La L’Ouisiane Restaurant, Lavida Ballroom, Liberty Theater, Lincoln Park, Little Club, Little Woods, Loew’s State, Love & Charity Hall, Lucien Pavilion, Luthjen’s, Lyric Theater, Mahogany Hall, Majestic Hall, Mama Lou’s, Mandeville Swells Social Club, Manny’s Tavern, Mardi Grad Lounge, Martin’s Café, Martin’s Saloon, Masonic Hall, Milneburg, Moulin Rouge, 1919, The Music Box, Nancy Hank’s Saloon, National Park, New Orleans Country Club, New Orleans Jazz Club Museum, No-Name Theater, New Slipper Night Club, Oasis Cabaret, Oddfellows Hall, Olympia Hall, The Orchard, Orpheum Theater, Paddock Lounge, Palace Theater, Palm Gardens, The Parisian Room, Patterson Hotel, Pelican Stadium, Penny-Wonderland, Perfect Union Hall, Perseverance Hall, Pig Ankle Cabaret The Pig Pen, Preservation Hall, Princess Theater, Poodle Dog Cabaret, Pub Café, Quirella’s, The Red Onion, Rice’s Café, Ringside Café, Roosevelt Hotel, Saenger Theater, St. Cere Hall, St. Charles Hotel Mezzanine, St. Katherine’s Hall, San Jacinto Hall, Sans Souci Café, Shim Sham Club, Shoto Cabaret, The Silver Slipper, Sixth Ward Athletic Club, Societe Des Jeunes Amis, Spano’s, Spec’s Moulin Rouge, Sportsman’s Park, Stand-By Hall, Storyville, Strand Theater, Suburban Gardens, Tammany Social And Athletic Club, Thom’s Roadhouse, Three Oaks Playground, Tin Roof Café, Tip Top Club, Tokyo Gardens, Tonti Social Club, Tranchina’s Restaurant, Triangle Theater, Tulane Athletic Club, Tuxedo Dance Hall, The Twenty-Eight, Tyler’s Beer Garden, Venice Inn, Vieux Carre Inn, Villa Cabaret, Waif’s Home, Washington Artillery Hall, West End, West End Roof Garden, White City, Winter Garden, WOW Hall, Y.M.G.C. Rowing Club.